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What makes unique and significant?

We love to receive messages, posts and bits of inspiration from people in the US and beyond. With these messages, we truly believe we’re growing a global and compassionate response to sexual assault that can heal and offer hope.

We also provide tools like helpful resources, blogs, postings, and guidance for anyone who struggles with shame after being victimized by sexual violence. We want to reach all persons, men, women, or anyone sexually assaulted as a child or young adult.

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Unshame encourages victims and survivors of sexual violence to erase any shame directed at them by giving them the opportunity to express how they define themselves.

We recognize that this is a process, but we aim to create a community that helps comforts and supports victims and survivors.

We encourage everyone to work together to help victims and survivors shift shame into empathy, resilience and recovery. Simply put, kind, supportive words go a long way in shaping the experience a rape survivor has even if the assault occurred many years ago.

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Who’s behind Unshame? This platform was created by Gretchen Casey, a practicing victim advocate who began working in the field of victim services in 1985. The logo and web design is by the talented staff at Liquid Creative. None of this would be possible without the generous benefactors who contributed to pay for the costs of creating a logo, website, domain and hosting fees and all of the expenses of marketing and launching public events.

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