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Only 25 percent of people who report sexual assault seek counseling after the event.

After reading research conducted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) linking multiple risk factors for several of the leading causes of death back to untreated abuse, Founder Gretchen Casey felt burdened to find a way to change that statistic.

“What is the issue that we’re not addressing?”

During a national parks and recreation conference, Gretchen heard Global IT Professor and Innovator Dr. Choton Basu’s lecture Beyond Brochures. He argued that you have to engage your audience where they are, in order to get them to go where you want them to go. That raised the question: Where is everyone engaging? The answer: online.

Captivated by this concept, Gretchen insisted that Dr. Basu lecture at the 2014 State of Florida Annual Summit On Sexual Battery. She believed that his marketing methods could be applied to connect Victim Services with the audiences they have trouble reaching. Basu challenged the summit attendees, “What is the issue that you’re not addressing? Why aren’t people using your services?”

Gretchen was overwhelmed by the revelation of her answer: shame. Following the workshop Gretchen and a few colleagues, Grace Frances, Robin Graber, and Jose Carval, began to brainstorm a plan of action. It was this group along with attorney Kevin Robertson, who conceived the idea of the UnShame Campaign: an online platform that allowed victims and supporters to connect worldwide, anonymously or named.

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