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“It brings people to their knees to know that the world is filled with good people and not just people who will take advantage of you. There is power in words.”

-Gretchen Casey, creator of Unshame

The main purpose of Unshame is to create a space for messages of support, love, and healing for anyone to access around the world. This message gallery is that place, built from words, woven together with images and painted with experiences of survival, support and resilience.

These messages are intended to reach everyone at different stages of healing or support, for those those who have been through years of counseling and for those who have been too frightened or ashamed to seek help, for those who have just experienced trauma and for those who have lived with their experiences for decades, for those who have many resources and for those have none. And for everyone in between.

Empower someone today by sharing a message of encouragement, compassion or support and actively begin to erase the shame.


Conversation With Men
UnShame I Am Scared
I Want To Help
Kurt Cobain: Go To The Source
Still Here by Langston Hughes
Margaret Atwood: On Fear Of Men
One Last Candle
For All Survivors, by Sharon, Palm Beach County Victim Services
Vulnerability by Simone Weil
Soldier Of Solace
The Body Is Not The Target
They Gave Counseling
You Matter
You Are Beautiful From TBN
You Are Special: Handwritten
Find What Sparks A Light In You
You Were Never Responsible
Emerge (1st Post by an Male, Anonymous)
Because Someone
Emotion Not Permanent
Feeling Alone
Good Night
Grow In Empathy
Last Night On Pbs Show
Solace In Breaking Our Silence
I Want To Help
True Peace, Brian Ogawa, A River to Live By
I Am Exceptional
From Powerlessness to Power
Love You
What Shame Feels Like
Me Too!
Walk In the Woods
Understanding Is Love
My Heart on a Platter
Our Desire Has Two Wings
You Are More Than Victim
Life Lessons, Mandy Hale
Sometimes I Fade
Your Hand Trembling
Silence Does Not Make You Stronger
Our Lives Defined
Believe Yourself

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