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share your inspiration with victims and survivors all over the world!

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Speak up! The power of one. The power of many.

Join the Unshame movement today! This conversation is missing your voice. Post your message of hope now!

Unshame invites victims and survivors and all inspired supporters to create and share a brief message of inspiration and compassion. Your message may help someone anxious or reluctant come forward to seek support.

Let’s end the shaming and blaming of victims of sexual violence. Unshame gives victims and survivors a platform to express their own feelings; their own voices. Additionally, our platform gives every person the opportunity to inspire, uplift and heal victims and survivors by posting positive messages that help end the stigma of rape.

We are building an active and inspired online community of victims, survivors and caring individuals everywhere.

Fill out the form to have your message featured in our Message Gallery or to submit something for our Art Page.

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