Take Back the Night on Norman Field!
01 Apr 2015

Take Back the Night on Norman Field!

April 1, 2015 We’re going to be

01 Apr 2015


April 1, 2015

We’re going to be there! Come out to our table for some fun activities and help support our campaign to stop victim shaming.

Pledge to Erase The Shame: In place of a tablecloth, we will have a large sheet of paper for supporters to decorate with their own UnShame handprint. This symbol will mark your pledge to join us in putting an end to shaming victims.

Be a mirror, or look in the mirror. Another focus of our message is to educate friends and family members about how to help survivors see themselves as more than just a victim of rape. We call this “being a mirror.” On our website people can submit messages of inspiration, comfort and encouragement into a feed. But tonight we will have a physical full-length mirror with dry erase markers for you to write your message of inspiration, compassion or encouragement. We encourage you to take a mirror selfie and share what you see in your reflection.

Contribute. We some really cool swag that we’re selling to try to raise money for the build and launch of our website! Or ask us about other ways you can get involved.

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